Sorin Muflic
UK Immigration Lawyer

I am an OISC regulated level 1 immigration adviser based in the UK. I assist my clients with their applications for British citizenship, or for permission to enter, remain or settle in the UK

Why use my services?

If you are not confident that you can properly manage your own application, remember that applying to enter, remain or settle in the UK or to obtain British citizenship is too important a thing in your life to leave this process in the hands of unauthorised advisers with no training and professional insurance. After all, your future in the UK may depend on the success of such an application. If you request my advice, you will benefit from immigration advice authorised by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner, the body that accredits immigration practitioners in the UK and ensures that professionals like myself are competent and always act only in the interests of clients, at the high standards imposed by the law and the ethical code of the profession.

Who am I?

My name is Sorin Muflic

I am authorised by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) to provide legal advice on immigration to the UK and British citizenship. I offer immigration advice through my company, Immigration Advice Ltd, which is also authorised by the OISC. I assist clients applying for permission to enter, remain and settle in the UK on family, work, study or visitor routes or for the registration of children or the naturalisation of adults as British citizens. I have university and postgraduate law studies at several prestigious educational institutions in England and Romania. I have been providing legal advice since 1997. More about me here.

By your side from start to finish

I will assist you with your immigration or citizenship application from the preliminary stage of gathering information and documents, through the preparation and submission of the application, until receiving the final decision.


Assessment of application's chances of success

I will collect the necessary information and documents to assess whether the application can be accepted. We will only move forward if the application has a chance of success.


Submission of application and required evidence

If you meet all the requirements for a successful application, I will prepare and submit the application and supporting evidence.


Application follow-up. Final decision

I follow up the application, respond to Home Office requests, bring clarifications and new evidence when requested and when such documents are available, until the final decision is made.

My fees are fixed, clear and reasonable

The fees for the advice I provide are approved by the OISC and published on the website.

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