Authorised UK Immigration Law Advice

Competent legal advice, from an OISC authorised immigration adviser
Remote legal advice, by phone, email, WhatsApp, Messenger, Skype
Face-to-face advice in one of the local offices available across UK
Fixed, reasonable, transparent fees, no hidden costs
What I do
Through my company, IMMIGRATION ADVICE LTD, I assist my clients in completing applications for entry clearance, leave to enter, limited or indefinite leave to remain in the UK. I help them with the collection and submission of documents brought as evidence in support of each application. I represent my clients in front of the Home Office throughout the entire process. My expertise is in work, student and family permits and visas, and especially in applications under the EU Settlement Scheme for EU Nationals and their family members. As an EU citizen myself, I particularly understand the applicable regulations and the challenges faced by EU nationals in the UK nowadays. I also help my adult clients to naturalise as British, or to register their UK born children as British citizens.
Who I am
My name is Sorin Muflic. Both my company and I are authorised to provide immigration advice at level 1 by OISC, the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner. I am a member of ILPA, the Immigration Law Practitioners' Association. There is a Professional Indemnity Insurance cover in place for my clients to be compensated in case my advice is inadequate. Collecting and processing personal data is made responsibly. My business is registered with ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office), where complaints may be filed by those clients considering that use of their personal information by us violated applicable data protection laws. I usually provide advice online or by phone, but also from my office in the centre of Nottingham, or in meeting rooms across UK.

Practice areas

Settled Status

Applications for (pre-)settled status, limited or indefinite leave to enter or remain in the UK under the EU Settlement Scheme, for EU Nationals who moved in the UK before 31 December 2020, and for their EU or non-EU family members.

British Citizenship

Registration as British citizens of children born in the UK, where requirements are met. Applications for British passports for children who acquired British citizenship automatically, at birth. Adults' naturalisation as British citizens.

Work visas

Applications under the points-based system for leave to enter or remain in the UK for English-speaking skilled workers who have a job offer from an approved employer sponsor, and meet the relevant salary threshold and other conditions.

Family visas

Applications for leave to enter or to extend their stay in the UK for those who seek to live with their family members in the UK for more than 6 months. Family members include spouses or unmarried partners, children, dependent parents or relatives who’ll provide long-term care for the applicants.

Student visas

Applications for students over the age of 16 who have an unconditional offer of a place on a course with a licensed student sponsor, have enough money to support themselves and pay for the course, can speak, read, write and understand English and have parental consent (if they are 16 or 17).

Application checks

Application and evidence checking service for clients who prefer to complete themselves their applications for the leave to enter or remain in the UK or for British citizenship, but who, given the complexity of the UK immigration law, seek further verification before submitting the applications.