Complaints: how they are filed and how they are resolved

I aim to provide advice to the highest standards. But if I will not succeed in that, please tell me what your complaints are, so that I can solve the problem in a timely manner. A complaint can be made verbally or in writing. I will investigate the matter and respond within a maximum of 14 working days of receiving your complaint. If I need to extend this period for any reason, I will let you know and explain why. I will keep details of each complaint in a central register. I will also create a separate file or section in the case file. I will record details of the complaint, the investigation and the response to the complaint. If my response is not satisfactory, or if you simply do not wish to discuss with me, you can at any time lodge a complaint directly with the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) by completing the form that can be downloaded from here and by emailing it to Of course legal action could be considered against Immigration Advice Ltd, my firm through which I provide advice and which has Professional Indemnity Insurance to cover any indemnity it may be liable to pay. It should be noted that there will never be a direct legal relationship between me as an individual and you, my client. Legal relationships are between my firm, Immigration Advice Ltd and you, the client.